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  1. Jamie Tschantz Says:

    Dear Richard .. I’ve known your story my whole life and it often brings tears to my eyes as it did again today as I read your words. As a child I remember the “adults” talking about you and hearing their struggles with how to handle you. I never understood what they were talking about .. I only remember loving you along with your sister and brother. As an adult I’ve come to love and respect you more than you know. A man that God is surely proud of. I was so excited for you for Labor Day weekend when you told me you were to meet with your brother John and was thrilled to get to meet him and his wife in person that very same day. May this reunion along with your sister bring much joy to your life. Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for the Lord. I look forward to reading more .. soon. 🙂 Much love, Jamie

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