I was born Lynn Richard Bush, son of Richard Harold & Marilynn Joyce Bush on August 7th, 1955 in Sacremento, CA. Both of my parents were blind and eventually had 5 children between them.  Their names were Lynn Richard,  Shirley Joyce, John Harold, Alice Elaine, and David Joseph. The only memories of my early years were of a row house where I lived in Chicago, IL with my parents and siblings. Then there was the train ride from Chicago, IL to Ottumwa, IA where four of the five of us were signed over to the custody of the American Home Finding Association for placement in new homes.  Alice Elaine (Sally) was adopted by one of my aunts that lived in Ottumwa, IA.

I was the first one of the four siblings at the AHFA to be adopted. So in some respect, my life began in the summer of 1962 when I was placed in a home with a new sister that was three years older than me.  I did not have an opportunity to say ‘good bye’ to my sister Shirley, but I was able to see my little brother John before I left. He gave me a little beige plastic model horse that had one of it’s legs broken off.  See ‘The MILESTONES’ for the chronological details of my life.

I am one among millions of people that believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  I also believe firmly that God’s Word is the ultimate authority and that His Word should be our all sufficient rule for faith and practice.

I am a 1976 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center when it was housed at Sheridan Christian Assembly in Tulsa, OK.  During those very short 9 months of time, I gained a tremendous respect for the Word of God. One of the main reasons that my heart cries out today is quite simply because many church attenders simply don’t ‘get it’.  They go to church Sunday after Sunday but remain  in the infancy of their Christian walk.